Jumper Dresses

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Jumper Dresses

Color Choice:: We do not carry all fabric colors in-stock. Our suppliers stock is always revolving and some colors are not always available. Therefore we encourage you to choose two color choices, just incase your first choice is not available at this time... ...Please type your three color choices in the blank Select Fabric Choice field just bellow; in the order of your preference.<br> <a href=http://jumpinbloomers.com/fabrics/ target="new window">For a chart of all FABRIC COLOR OPTIONS click here.</a><br> <a href=http://jumpinbloomers.com/faq-size-chart-return-policy/ target="new window">For our SIZE CHART click here.</a>
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Jumpers are meant to be worn with a blouse underneath.

Our Jumpers are made with 100% cotton fabric.

You can choose from a wide selection of solid colors, or beautiful pattern fabrics, that will modestly compliment any young lady.