About Us

Back when our children were little each year I would make matching outfits for family pictures. Most often the girls would all have matching jumpers and bloomers underneath. As our family grew it became a bigger and bigger job. I soon enlisted the help of my oldest daughter April. Teaching her to sew worked out well; since we homeschooled. As time went by she ended up doing more sewing than I and became a better seamstress than I have ever been. When she was  about 14 she started sewing for other folks also. You cannot just walk into your local superstore and buy modest clothing for little girls, so the items she makes were in great demand. Her efforts grew into a successful home business. She now is married and has a family of her own and loves her home business more than ever. She is also quite talented at designing new aprons, skirts and much more.

Jumpinbloomers.com is now completely owned and operated by April, but I, (Penny Raine), still help out with the web design and workings. In the past couple years another daughter (Georgia) has joined in and is often April’s right hand. She also is married with a growing family of her own.

When you contact Jumpinbloomers it is most often April herself you get to correspond with, not some service person in a foreign country. We feel that handling our own customer service, and making our own products (at home) makes this much more than a family business, it makes things downright friendly. You will sometimes experience delays as these young women do have families but we hope that the personal attention to details you receive is worth the wait.

Please note that all items are custom made for you and your family, they cannot be returned like at the local superstore.

We are blessed to be able to serve your family.